The "utvandrarleden" (Emigrant Trails) is now available as a digital map on "Naturkartan" (Nature Map).

The ”Utvandrarleden” (Emigrant Trails) is now available as a digital map on ”Naturkartan” (Nature Map) .

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What is the ”Naturkartan” (Nature Map)? ”Naturkartan” is a digital platform where large parts of Sweden's municipalities and regions present their range of close-to-nature experiences. Trails, accommodations and service facilities that all nature lovers can explore, enjoy and benefit from.

How do you access the map? Download the “Naturkartan” app to your smartphone. The registration is free of charge. Now you have access to maps, locations, trail descriptions etc. to enjoy various nature experiences around Sweden.

When you walk or cycle a trail

On choosing a route you want to go and using a map select "Save to list". Choose one of the existing lists or create your own. Having saved a trail using this method, you access this trail map even if your phone is in airplane mode. This reduces your battery consumption and you can still see your satellite exact position in relation to the trail. This app is a great aid in case you become a little unsure of the direction somewhere along the trail.

We wish you lots of fun and a great time along all our trails.